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Schetter Electric Replaces Outdated Management System with Viewpoint Spectrum® Construction Software

Schetter Electric, from California, learned that their construction software was being cancelled.  Instead of panicking they saw fortuity.

“The software we were using, American Contractor, was very old and outdated,” said the company’s controller, Gordon Spector. “It was an excellent opportunity for us to see what else was out there—what else could streamline our processes, automate them and make us more efficient.”

Schetter Electric received many recommendations for Dexter + Chaney, the forerunner in ERP solutions based in the cloud, and Spectrum® Construction Software from members of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA).

Spector said Spectrum’s easy navigation, to the customizable Spectrum Dashboard, to the taylor made Information Bar, and unprescented simple to use format, set it apart from competing software packages. “Once we saw how easy it was, that really swayed us,” Spector said

“Beyond the Spectrum Dashboard, I am excited to start using things like Spectrum’s Document Imaging and its workflow capabilities. These are two features that are going to make us the most efficient and therefore save us the most money,” Spector said. “Replacing manual processes with more automated ones and having more internal controls as a result of that automation will be critical to increasing our efficiency. We also wanted better reporting functionality in order to make better business decisions and Spectrum gave us that as well.”

Schetter Electric was started in 1958 by Howard Schetter. Now his son, Frank Schetter, is CEO of the company.  Schetter Electric has grown extensively to become the full electrical contracting and engineering firm they are today. They have offices in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. The work it has done includes many hospitals, healthcare facilities, museums, retail spaces, and government buildings.

The company achieved success and continued growth by building a solid reputation based on superior work and customer service. Spector said they saw these same qualities in Dexter + Chaney.

“Dexter + Chaney is known for serving its clients well,” Spector said. “It’s a really good thing that we’re making this change. I think moving to Dexter + Chaney and Spectrum is going to benefit the whole company and how we operate.”

Dexter + Chaney President and CEO Norbert Orth said he could forsee excellence when working with Schetter Electric. “We’re excited to work closely with the team at Schetter Electric and help them build upon their impressive expansion and success,” Orth said. “I’m confident that Spectrum will help Schetter Electric best manage and grow their business into the future.”

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