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Helping You Optimize Your

Construction Software

Our Optimization Services are for construction companies who have implemented their construction software and want to customize that construction software to their specific needs.

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Why Use OnPoint's Optimization Services?

It is not uncommon for construction companies to complete the initial implementation process for their new construction software and feel as if it isn’t addressing all of their needs. Nearly every client will require a “phase two” approach that builds off of the foundation built in the initial implementation.

During phase two we can help you review, reconfigure and maximize your existing software. You may need these software additions due to changes in market conditions, company structure, revenue streams, regulatory requirements and/or turnover in key personnel.

It’s time to make your construction software as unique as you are.

We have available resources for Viewpoint Spectrum® and Sage 300 users.


What Takes Place

Structure Building

The initial software optimization averages one to three months. This process will include:

Initial in-depth review of existing software configuration and internal processes, detailed project planning, outlining system and process changes to accomplish improved use and define business impact addressing changes in the needs of the construction company.

Expertise from OnPoint’s consulting team, support staff, Junior Consultants, Senior Consultants, Conversion Specialists, and Report Writers.

Our Customer Care and Consultant Teams will manage your optimization from beginning to end. This creates one point of contact for your project and ensures resources are used effectively.
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What You Get


At OnPoint, you will receive a personalized experience built on what is best for you and your construction company. We will help your team avoid establishing unrealistic Go-Live dates, identifying underqualified personnel, and improving processes and documentation.

Throughout the implementation process, you will receive:

Optimization Methodolgy

This proprietary methodology is a result of thirty years’ experience optimizing construction ERP process and technology. It ensures existing software and processes are re-configured to address the inevitable changes in markets, business needs and turnover in team members.

This methodology ensures your technology, software and processes are kept up to date in order to maximize your existing investment in personnel and technology infrastructure.

Bi-Weekly Project Updates

Managed closely by our Customer Care Team, you will receive bi-weekly project updates that outline project risk points, status updates, and next steps for your optimization.

Want to Learn More?
Our team of optimization experts have developed in-depth videos outlining the numerous optimization opportunities for your company. View our latest videos by clicking below.
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