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Arraycon and Sacramento Drilling Pick Dexter + Chaney’s Viewpoint Spectrum® Construction Software to Take Control of Immense Growth Opportunities

A Sacramento, California-based company, Arraycon, has grown at an incredible rate in just a few short years. It needed its business and construction management software to keep up. With a wonderful future in a blossoming solar power industry, Arraycon and its partner, Sacramento Drilling, needed a software solution to support their growth and goals.

The two companies contacted Dexter + Chaney regarding their Spectrum Construction Software. Arraycons Ron Gray, the lead Controller, said Spectrum was a software he had been learning about.

“Dexter + Chaney offers a much more sophisticated platform,” Gray said. “Prior to the switch, we couldn’t export financials to Excel, AP activity was restricted once certain processes were going on, so I had people sitting around waiting for things to happen, and I couldn’t get lists of adjusting journal entries easily out of our software. Spectrum is just an overall better solution that allows us to do those things, and it is loaded with other features that will help us as we continue to grow.”

Two of the features that interested Gray were Spectrum’s project management capabilities and Spectrum Enterprise. They effectively manage and account for multiple companies under one platform, while keeping operations separated.

“We have six companies on the Arraycon side and there are four companies on the Sacramento Drilling side and the ability to automate the functionality of funds and finances moved between the companies is really exciting,” Gray said. “We spent a tremendous amount of time before trying to reconcile that activity and it was very cumbersome. So the ability to automate the inter-company transactions is a real key feature for us.”

Arraycon founder Rick Lavezzo served as CEO of Team Solar in 2000. Team Solar started as a rooftop consumer solar business, grew to commercial and big box systems and in 2006, merged those operations with SunEdison and advised and assisted that company’s expanded operations into Europe. Lavezzo returned to the United States and formed Arraycon in 2010.

Arraycon’s growth really began in 2014. The company had about $12 million in revenue with it leaping to $34 million the next year. This year the company is on track to make $60 million. “There are plans on the books to be in the range of $500 million in revenue in roughly five years’ time,” Gray said. “That’s the strength of the solar market—there is so much business out there.”

There are over 300 employees at Arraycon and Sacramento Drilling and work has continued to expand throughout the United States. For instance, a project might include constructing eight to 10 square miles of solar posts and panels. “There are 17-18 states where we’re either actively working on, or have done projects in,” Gray said.

“Clearly, Arraycon and Sacramento Drilling know their industry and the growth opportunities well, and it’s exciting to work with companies that have a great roadmap for the future and bountiful growth potential ahead of them,” said Dexter + Chaney President and CEO Norbert Orth. “This is what we designed Spectrum to do—help growing companies reach their goals by providing them with the best tools and the best intelligence along the way. We’re honored to be the engine running these two companies’ business decisions.”

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