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Partner HVAC/Plumbing Companies Anderson Piping, Proctor & Graves Choose Viewpoint Spectrum® Construction Software to Modernize Their Service Operations

Anderson Piping Co. Inc. has been servicing customers from its main office in Nashville, Tennessee since the early 80’s. It is considered one of the best HVAC and plumbing services  The company’s success produced an associate company, Proctor & Graves. The two companies have become the prime  HVAC and plumbing providers for the entire states of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Anderson Piping Assistant Vice President William Gilmore said, that when both companies learned that  their software systems would no longer be sustained, a chance to see what other software companies were offering suddenly became available. Quickly, Dexter + Chaney Spectrum Construction Software, the front runner in construction software that runs in the cloud became their obvious choice.

Anderson Piping Co, Inc, and its business partner, CDP, Inc, worked together in Tennessee. Together they became extremely enthusiastic about what Spectrum could do for them.

“We were looking for a product that had all of the functionality that Spectrum brings to the table,” Gilmore said. “One of the things I am most excited about is Spectrum’s Info Bar because of how intuitive it is. I’m excited about how cohesive all of Spectrum is—for all of our employees, whether they’re in the office or the field. It’s going to make things a lot easier because getting from A to B is almost done for you—it’s a matter of clicking.”

Anderson Piping a company that prides itself in taking on, and exceeding at, tough jobs in difficult positions. They are largely a retrofit construction service contractor and renovations, focuses on chillers, cooling towers and large-bore piping—including changing out piping at area dams recently. The company is currently working at Arnold Air Force Base adding chillers for cooling jet exhaust in Tullahoma, Tenn.

Proctor & Graves primarily handles HVAC service and preventive maintenance for both  residential and commercial clients. Like Anderson Piping, P&G has, and is willing, to take on challenging projects and in difficult environments. P&G performs service and preventive maintenance for a number of statewide industrial facilities, offices and residences. They have replaced a large cooling tower atop a downtown Nashville high-rise using a helicopter lift.

Both companies enjoy high retention rates and many repeat customers. Yet, in recent years, both companies’ financial and business management processes were slowed down due to outdated software.

Gilmore stated, “Another thing we’re really excited about—and something that wasn’t afforded to us with our previous software—is simply the ability to track purchase orders and have immediate committed costs,” he said.

Two areas where Spectrum is prominent is Payroll Time Entry and Data Exchange.  Proctor & Graves thought the mobile service management aspects were impressive, due to their availability by Spectrum and Field Connect, Inc, their technology partner. “The ability to document things in real time is a major benefit. When your employee finishes a job, you want to be able to bill as quickly as you can and the fact that you can do this so seamlessly with FieldConnect and Spectrum is huge,” Gilmore said. “This will be especially beneficial for our new residential division.”

“Field mobility for both commercial and residential service needs along with construction management filed data collection was a core business solution solve with the Spectrum integration to FieldConnect,” said Paul Riefenberg, president of Dexter + Chaney business partner, CDP Inc.

Riefenberg stated that Anderson Piping and Proctor & Graves were looking for a partner to help them not only combine their operations with a single software, but to increase what they could do. “As we worked with their team, it became obvious they were looking for a long term partner. Dexter + Chaney Product Manager Mark Schwartz and I worked hard to address all their needs and illustrate the commitment they would see from both Dexter Chaney and CDP over their life as our joint client.”

“Paul and Mark, they researched everything every little detail for us, and we weren’t just assured it would work for us, it was demonstrated. They showed how the software would solve our problems and make our lives easier,” Gilmore said. “They demonstrated success as opposed to merely promising results. That is what sold us.”

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