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Viewpoint Spectrum® Data Exchange

Spectrum Data Exchange

Spectrum Data Exchange (SDX) is a simple and safe way to transfer data in and out of your Spectrum® Construction Software.  SDX has a Microsoft Office Add In, as well as any templates and tools you might need.

When you are loading data into Spectrum from software such as QuickBooks or other enterprise software, SDX smoothly and safely imports your data into Spectrum. SDX streamlines time consuming and repetitive data-entry or system conversion tasks, keeping your data secure and accurate.

A web service is a method of communication between any number of electronic devices over the web. Spectrum Web Services provide a safe and easy way to import data using a variety of pre-defined web layouts. Once the data is organized, the user can send it to Spectrum by using the Spectrum Office Add-in to link data to Spectrum Web Services via Microsoft Excel or creating your own website to link with.

Some of the features of SDX include, user friendly, direct unification with Spectrum software and Office Add-in, eradicates manual entry errors and secure transmission/connection. It gets rid of repetitive data entry, lessens administrative costs and expidites in-house development.

The benefits include faster, more accurate data management, secure transactions, business applications and 3rd party applications.

Consolidating business processes is so important because it reduces manual, duplicate data entry transactions and errors associated with that, speeds the process of importing data into Spectrum which lessens the number of data entry steps.

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