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Viewpoint Spectrum® Business Intelligence for Comprehensive Data Analysis

Being able to compile all of your construction company’s data into an easy to understand place is a wonderful thing to have. Spectrum Business Intelligence allows you to do just that, and more. Spectrum Business Intelligence gives you the opportunity to show your data any way that works well for your individual needs, whether that be reports, graphs, charts, mapping or dashboards.

Spectrum Business Intelligence has an amazing drag-and-drop capability that allows you to choose the data that holds the highest priority, collected from many different sources, and examine it with ease.

An all inclusive solution, Spectrum Business Intelligence updates continually as new information comes in, keeping you company on the cutting-edge of the construction industry. The software is a powerful, completely automated tool to keep your company apprised of your data, and lets you see this data in simple ways, from anywhere, anytime. From the office to the field, every team member has access to what they need to see at any point during their work day.

Four analytical capabilities bring you the most up-to-date construction industry data now available: Sharing and scheduling mechanisms, analysis reports, dashboards and interactive reports.

Spectrum Business Intelligence has four different analytical characteristics, the first being the analysis report. You may choose a report from a template, or custom-made for your company. Change fields and put calculations in as you see fit. Data can be filtered many ways, including range of data or time. Add charts, maps and graphs to customize your incoming data. Once the data is arranged the way your company wants it, it is ready to be shared with others through such venues as email.

No matter how much data you would like to share, Spectrum Business Intelligence lets you do so with ease. The ability to create cash flow statements and share them with pertinent team members are essential and simple with this platform. Reports can be formatted and exported in various ways including, CSV, PDF or Excel to reach every possible team member the way they need to view the reports.

The dashboard of Spectrum Business Intelligence makes sure that current information is available to you at all times. Using the analytic features you are able to view extremely detailed reports needed to improve and expand your construction company.

The ability to automate reports and have them sent to specific team members is invaluable. Keeping all involved, whether it’s a small group or large, makes work more streamlined and more efficient. Automatic emails can also be set up using Spectrum Business Intelligence.

The construction industry has gained an irreplaceable asset with Spectrum Business Intelligence. The ease of use, coupled with the amazing functionalities, makes it one of the most important business tool in the industry. The ability to share all pertinent information with team members, as well as outside of your company, allows data to be seen by the people who need to see it, at exactly the right time. By using the graphs, chart and maps, not only are your team members just staring at a written report, they are able to see exactly whats going on in an simple and easy to read format.

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