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How Customer Feedback and Input Drives Our Software Development

Dexter + Chaney’s Connect 2017 User Conference was an exciting time. Attendees had the chance to meet Dexter + Chaney’s staff, network with other companies OnPoint Construction Software Co., works with and mingle with many industry experts. Each user is not only a student but a teacher, and the conference is an excellent opportunity to share experiences with Spectrum Construction Software with other users. The connections made at the User Conference prove invaluable.

If you are new to the construction industry, or have just never attended a user conference, software companies put these together for their customers in order to really get to know them and what their collective needs are. Intensive training is offered and cutting edge technology is shown. Large companies like Salesforce, Adobe, Apple and Microsoft hold user conferences and the attendance reaches tens of thousands each year.

Dexter + Chaney pride themselves on developing an outstanding relationship with all of their customers. Their availability to their clients, 24/7, and connecting them with a trained professional from the very beginning makes for strong relationships. Clients are able to speak to the people who actually make the software whenever they needs to, and are given ongoing training on whatever they need.

What makes Dexter + Chaney stand out from the rest of the construction software designers, is that they put a lot of their revenue right back into their company, concentrating on research and development. Their number one priority it to give their clients the most up-to-date information and products they need. At Connect, Dexter + Chaney offer many courses and training on numerous capabilities, however it’s important to them that they receive feedback from their clients in order to constantly and consistently help refine and improve Spectrum Construction Software into what the clients need.

One of the most informative aspect at the Dexter + Chaney’s Connect 2017 User Conference, is what is called the Roundtable. Roundtable discussions are where we hear from our clients directly. They give incredible insight into what they like about the software, what’s working for them, and more importantly, what’s not. Dexter + Chaney welcome all suggestions from clients for improvements or changes to Spectrum. It is these Roundtable discussions that have helped improve Spectrum Construction Software to the powerhouse platform it is today.

Some Aspects of the Conference include;

One-on-ones: Product experts and educational mentors are available for specialized training on personal software issues or problems your company is experiencing.

Computer Lab: An amazing opportunity to work hands on with Spectrum, while support experts are on hand to answer any question you have or to explain a new functionality.

Development Lab: A “sneak-a peek” opportunity to see what is being worked on and the ability to give comments and evaluations of the features before they are done being developed.

Social Events: Besides learning new things and brushing up on old abilities, there are two evening functions where all clients can meet other clients, industry experts and Dexter + Chaney’s amazing staff. Dexter + Chaney’s executive staff also attends these functions as a way to receive evaluations of their software.

Technology Partners: While the user conference is a great time to network and learn about new software capabilities, it is also a fantastic time to meet the construction software companies that Dexter + Chaney partner with. Clients can take their time to meet the technology partners and ask any questions they may have as well as give them feedback about their software. Some of the partners at the Dexter + Chaney’s Connect 2017 User Conference were; Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), industry publications like Construction Executive, and leading financial and CPA firms like Marcum, Moss Adams and CliftonLarsenAllen

Dexter + Chaney is well known for it’s exceptional customer service and it’s also known for staying connected with their customers long after they purchase the software. The annual Connect User Conference is a wonderful way to have the clients give important feedback about current and future changes to the software, and perhaps helping Dexter + Chaney improve upon the already amazing Spectrum Construction Software.

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