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Construction Haikus—Contest of Unique Content—Winner is Forthcoming

Dexter + Chaney’s clients were asked to submit construction haikus, and get in touch with the inner poet in each of them. Every year Dexter + Chaney hosts the annual Connect Users Conference and this year it is in downtown Seattle. At the users conference this year, one of the clients will be awarded the first Dexter + Chaney Construction Poet Laureate.

The winning haiku writer will receive a fabulous prize for having such a creative mind, and have the knowledge that they are the best poet of the year. Below are the haikus that were submitted. Share your comments and help us pick the winner!

Haiku Refresher

Do you remember how to create a haiku (I didn’t). A haiku is a non-rhyming Japanese poem that has 17 syllables, organized in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

Chasing change orders
Profit or loss, fingers crossed
Apps and graphs keep track

—Ia Thao, Flannery Construction, Inc.

Cost overruns near?
Dexter + Chaney saves the day!
Bring me my beer fee.

—Doug Barense, Town & Country Group

Customers are dear
Keeping our techs on their toes
Turning on the A.C.

—Sarah A Page, Vaughn’s Plumbing & Heating Co.

Behold! Disrepair.
Rearrange. Reform. Rebuild.
Behold! Something new.

—Travis Black, Ranger Plant Constructional

Construct it on time
Construct it on budget too
Construct it for you

—Tracey Mershon, Synergy Construction, Inc.

It is Spring again!
Time for construction fever
Thanks Spectrum Support!!!

—Janice Toporek, Metro Electric Co., Inc.

Roads are used daily
Made of Asphalt and Concrete
One is more complete

—Don Gallagher, Gallagher Asphalt Corp.

Digging, building, trim
And finish. Don’t forget to
Enter in Spectrum!

—Tina Holmes, MDU Construction Services Group, Inc.

Asphalt paves the roads.
People say it smells so bad.
Smells like cash to me.

—Stacey Malone, Jim Smith Contracting, Inc.

We build the pipelines
And use Spectrum to manage
All the data points.

—Kayla Dushanek, Strait Projects Ltd

Build what you may build
Creatively inspired
Show the world your art

—Autum Rhoades, American Waste, Inc.

Sometimes you are hot
Air conditioning rescues
Until winter comes

—Danita Owens, Brislin Inc.


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