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A Career in Construction – The Obvious Choice For All

During the last two years, the construction industry has experienced what most would call a “boom.” Construction industry forecasters expect continued growth economically in the years to come. Due to the growth, companies are constantly looking for skilled talent and it is a hot topic in the industry right now. It is a fantastic time to start a career in construction.

Construction Value Chart

The construction industry simply can’t keep up with how much skilled talent they need to fill all the different positions opening up and that need to be created because of expansion. When the country was in the recession, many workers had to leave the industry and find new careers, or sought education to find new jobs. Now that we are out of the recession, construction companies are finding themselves extremely understaffed and they have never had such a hard time filling the open positions. Companies in the construction industry are raising their pay wages for workers who have experience and/or skills. Millennials are trying to fill the wage gap, but they are woefully unskilled at construction.

Attain the Training for the Job

If you watch television or American movies, the idea of construction worker is one who physically works all day until the whistle blows and then goes home for an ice cold beer and a cook-out. They portray these workers as slightly uneducated and a little “rough around the edges.” Millennials are finding out that this is not the case. In reality, these positions require technical skills that the workers have been trained for. The job site of today looks nothing like the ones on television. It is riddled with tech advancement with computers and mobile devices sporting high-end software designed specifically for the construction industry. All of the equipment used has sensors attached to them, sending information such as fuel and oil usage, hours used, and location tracking. The construction worker needs to know how to use all of the high tech devices and systems.

There are many ways to attain the training needed for this industry. Vocational schools, job apprenticeships, and colleges are the top choices for most. With the certification you will receive from these opportunities, companies will consider you an asset when you apply for a job. Construction companies are getting creative in their hiring processes and looking to find new ways to retain their highly skilled workers. Companies are paying for education and training and giving incentives to do that for them.

Know What You Are Worth

If you have recently started working in the construction industry, or are thinking about changing careers, be open to learning new things and you will be the company’s greatest asset. Bring your new ideas and outlook on projects. The construction industry is starting to realize it needs to change with the times and looks to the fresh new faces to help with that change. Technology is all over the construction industry from complete software solutions to drones flying overhead at the job site. Now is the time to start your career in construction.

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