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10 Important Considerations When Selecting and Implementing New Construction Software—Part 1 of 2

Almost every construction company today is using some form of software to manage their business. How good that software is plays an important role in just how good projects move along and therefore how revenue is too. When selecting and implementing new construction software, it’s important to really look at what’s out there and how well the software is performing in other companies like yours.

The process of finding the right new construction software for your company doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact it’s nothing like the ordeal it was just 10 years ago. Most everyone has dealt with in some capacity cutting-edge technology at home or in the work environment, so we have a basic idea of what to expect. With new cloud-based programs, implementation is so much easier and faster than the way software had to be installed on every individuals workstation. Cloud-based computing allows for assimilation of importing, exporting and entering data into the system.

Changing construction management software programs is a huge leap, and still makes many companies nervous. Preparing for the switch is not as complicated as one might think, and not to be dreaded. OnPoint Construction Software Co., has been delivering cutting-edge software for almost 20 years and have the experience to know a little proactive planning goes a long way to choosing the new software that’s right for your company.

Selecting the right Solution:

It’s important to sit down before starting your search for new software and outline what your needs are. You should choose a software that matches your needs, not the other way around. You shouldn’t have to entirely change the way you do business to fit to a software’s mold.

Prioritize your needs so that you know what is a must have and what is negotiable. Perhaps start a scoring system that will help while you are searching for the right construction software for your company. It is also a good idea to write a list of what you don’t need. It will help you vett the software to pare down your options.

Become an investigator. Visit websites, read reviews and message boards. Take a software company’s brochure and study it. Attend webinars and watch YouTube videos from that company. Once you have whittled down your choices, reach out to them to set up personal demos and learn more about their software. See if you are able to reach out to other construction companies currently using the software. Ask about the best and worst parts so you can get an accurate view of the software and if it will fit your company’s needs.

Besides reaching out to other companies, get feedback from anyone who has been involved with the software. Read construction industry articles and white papers. Find out which software companies are on the cutting-edge of development so you won’t outgrow the software as soon as you get it.

Evaluate what you budget is and ask for quotes in writing. Try to stay withing the spending range you have set for you company. Let the software company know what your budget is and ask if they can work with you to find the right construction software program for you. If your company has been experiencing a steady growth, it is wise to invest in a solution that is possibly more powerful than you need currently. A scalable software solution that can grow with your company is a great investment.

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