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How to Reduce Project Conflicts

The construction industry faces the problem of work-delay every day on a project, yet constantly ask how to reduce project conflicts. Things can go wrong in the blink of an eye for many different reasons. If safety standards were not in place, an accident might have happened, or the right plans didn’t get sent to the correct subcontractor on time. Maybe there was an invoice that didn’t get paid or a piece of equipment got sent to the wrong job. Whatever the reason, they all have the same result, a job that is weeks behind and an unhappy, frustrated client.

There are some unavoidable set-backs on every job, however the smaller the amount and the speedier you can rectify them, the better the project will go, the happier the client will be and the better reputation you will build for your company. The nagging question remains, how do you plan for these problems, and how can you prevent them?

John Chaney, co-founder and CEO of Dexter + Chaney, wrote an article for Construction Executive’s Tech Trends that illustrates how technological improvements are helping to prevent conflicts by connecting project workers, helping workflows and increasing important information get to the proper individual at the correct time. Below is some of what Chaney discussed.

Downloading All Documents

Gone are the days of contractors wading knee deep in paper invoices, plans, specs and time sheets. Now that every document relating to a project can be downloaded in real time, from the field or the office, with construction management software, any conflict can be resolved quickly with just a few clicks on the computer. Facts can be verified for a quick resolution, which means less stalling of a project.


Mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, have made great stride in computing and connection in the construction industry. There is construction specific software that not only aids in the mobility of information, but cloud-based software allows for real-time data input. Workers are literally connected where ever they are to not only the office, but to anyone who has access to the project’s information.

Access to this information in real-time keeps project managers, foremen, subcontractors, vendors, accounting personnel and the CEO all connected to the project to keep it moving along smoothly. The disputes that used to happen because of miscommunication or lack of information are reduced if no eliminated completely with this fantastic software system.

Workflows Customized

In the past, workflows have been included in most construction management software, however it was a basic template that you had to adjust the way you do business to use. Now not only is that process made easier, the new software solutions available let each company customize the workflows to them.

Specific tasks and rules unique to your company can be created as a seamless, streamlined process that works throughout your organization. An automated workflow program makes sure that the data is reported when it is supposed to be, to the person who is supposed to be seeing it. It is light years faster than snail mail or email, and much more accurate than word of mouth.

These workflows are completely automatic and will reduce project conflict. It will give the pertinent information to the right person and therefore keeping the project moving and put your company in the green.

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