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Dealing with the Double Data Entry Dilemma

Duplicate data entry was, and is, still a problem in the construction industry. Piles of paperwork, rows of filing cabinets, basically a double entry nightmare. Companies that are without a fully-integrated business management system are still suffering from double reports, double project updates, double time sheets, double invoices…well, you get the idea.

There is a three-step approach to avoiding, and eliminating, duplicate data entry difficulties in your company.

Don’t Use Spreadsheets Too Much

Overusing spreadsheets can cause duplicate entries and a whole lot of confusion. Although the use of spreadsheets is still relevant in the construction industry, due to the improvements in business management software, they are becoming somewhat obsolete. Often times spreadsheets have led to misinformation and take a lot of time to update them. Technology has made spreadsheet-type data entry much simpler and much more reliable. New business management software has also given the construction industry many different formats to choose from. This new software completely does away with duplicate entry and allows information to flow through your company effortlessly.

New software applications also allow for data entry from mobile devices, therefore allowing workers at the site to enter information once – instead of leaving a pile of work to do back at the office or later at home. Data is entered, and everyone with access to that information can see it. All of the business management and project management functions work together seamlessly.


Working in the cloud has changed the way the construction industry functions. Cloud-based programs allow team members to view pertinent information anywhere there is an internet connection. This all but eliminates duplicate data entry. No matter where your team members are – in the office or out in the field – as long as they have a computer, smart phone, laptop or tablet, they can enter information in real time. The data is entered once and immediately anyone involved with that project in anyway, can see that information.

With cloud-computing, all reports are accurate and up to date, project managers can stay on top of the jobs the entire time, and management decisions can be made without waiting for information and time-consuming meetings. Accounting personal are kept in the loop throughout a project instead of receiving the trickle of information that used to come in months after the job was done.

Purchase a Fully Integrated ERP Program

Running many different software solutions used to be the norm, however quality fully integrated ERP solutions are available now. This allows everyone on your team to work from the same information, at the same time, with seamless integration.

Having this kind of ERP solution allows for centralized storage. It not only simplifies and consolidates the business process for all of your team members, it allows for your projects to move along effortlessly.  All aspects of your business – accounting, project management, equipment management, materials, inventory, human resources, payroll, data management, service management, etc. – are integrated seamlessly. Although a fully integrated ERP software solution can be pricey, it is a wise investment due to the amount of time that is saved. Workers spending time entering information many times, and correcting many mistakes, is now time saved for productive work and making money.

Regardless of what kind of system you have, help your team see the importance of entering the information correct the first time, every time.


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