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Overcoming Modern Technology Resistance

In the age of technology that we are in, anything can be learned by anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you want to learn a new language, there are hundreds of programs out that will help quickly and produce great results. If you need to fix something in your house, chances are there is a video online that you can watch to learn how to do it. Fix your car, train your dog, exercise, or get really good at cooking, it’s all out there for everyone to learn. Modern technology resistance is still prevalent in the home and workplace however, even with so much available.

Learning opportunities are readily available, unlike no to long ago when you would have to leave your home to go to the library and research something, just to get an idea about it. Long hours pouring over books, taking notes, copying charts and graphs, only to end up with very little working knowledge on the subject. In order to improve your skills on something you would have to seek out someone in your field to train with. Arrange schedules, miss some work, lose money, and hope that the person training you knows what they are doing. We now have Google, YouTube and other media outlets to use as go-to skill enhancers. On-line training and classes are available as is certification opportunities for every aspect of work. The ability to hone your skills has never been easier or more readily available.

Although we have so much technology available to us today, in some work settings, people still experience modern technology resistence. The, “It’s always been done this way” attitude can cause stagnation in any business. One of my friends has been frustrated because her office has started to implement new technology, and most of the other workers are refusing to try to adapt to it. Adopting new technology inevitably means learning how to do things differently and acquiring new skills. In my friends case, as the company moved ahead with their software changes, only a few workers in her office took time to learn the new skills required to take advantage of the new technology. Therefore, the few that knew how to do the work, got over-loaded actually doing it because the others resisted the change. Her co-workers continued to try to do things the “old-way” even though the old way had put them far behind other branches of that same company.

When a company makes the decision to attain new software and bring new technologies in, the team needs to be brought together and make sure everyone realizes what will be expected of them. New software will only perform as well as the people using it. It will be a complete waste of money if your workers refuse to learn the new skills they need to make it thrive.

Dexter + Chaney have developed an amazing software solution called Spectrum Construction Software that is setting the construction industry on fire. Spectrum makes what used to be hard or time consuming work easy and fast. In order for the software to perform at it’s full potential, Dexter + Chaney provide their clients with webinars, videos, manuals, and personalized instruction. End users are given as much instruction and training as they need to get the very most out of the software and for the company to succeed with it.

If your employees are suffering from modern technology resistance, take a page from Dexter + Chaney’s book. There are many things that can be done to help your employees work through this. Most modern technologies have an unlimited amount of training that is extremely user friendly. Training is available through the developer of the software of from experienced people using it. Using an incentive program, you can reward workers that are learning the material quickly and competently, and find ways to encourage the ones lagging behind. Try to look for the positive for each worker, such as pointing out how the new changes will make their job easier, faster or more accurate. Have a lot of one-on-one meetings while the new technology is being implemented. Cater to how each employee learns best, and match them with the correct trained user. with the developer’s help, create an effective training program. Large companies often pay for further training or education for employees as an incentive to continue to excel at their positions and move ahead in the company.

Nobody particularly likes to be forced out of their comfort zone and have to do things differently. However, by including your team from the very beginning, you can reduce the likelihood of modern technology resistance. By adopting new technologies you can prevent your company from becoming stale and your workers stagnant. Encouraging you team to learn new skills, attend training and further their education not only benefits them individually, but your company as a whole.

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