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Job Site Tech Tools for Construction Project Management

The construction industry epitomizes the phrase, “Time is money.” From the top to the bottom of a construction company, every team member must keep whatever project they are working on moving smoothly on time. An important addition to the software solutions available to the construction industry are job site tech tools for construction project management.

Mobile Devices

Quality construction software that is now web based has changed the construction industry greatly. Contractors no longer have to spend hours away from the job site to relay information and data back to the office or spend a lot of time in meetings. Questions can be answered quickly and problems solved easily. Job site offers free Wi-Fi so that team members won’t be using their data while on the job.

Tool Inventory Structure

Using a system of barcodes and barcode readers, technology has improved the construction industry’s tool inventory system. Using cutting edge cloud based software a construction company can literally know where every piece of equipment is, and where every single tool resides. The benefits of having such control are less equipment missing and every team member is required to take much better care of the tools they lay their hands on. Everything is where it should be, when it should be, saving time on projects and therefore saving the company money.

Not only does this software keep track of your company’s tools and equipment, it can automate maintenance schedules and keep your equipment in better working order. Inspections will be done on time and regulations will be met at all times. Having equipment in good working condition will also help your projects move smoothly and in a timely manner.

Field Team Software Sensors

Long gone are the days of working people until they are dead on their feet. Not only does productivity slow down when the workers are driven too hard, in the construction industry it’s a recipe for injury. Project managers have started to have their team workers wear a sensor that will track how they are doing physically. Equipment sensor technology can tell the project manager what a team worker’s body temperature is and how long that particular worker has been on his or her feet. Each worker wears a sensor that is connected through a Bluetooth, or wirelessly to the network.

This cutting edge technology does more than just improve construction side management. Besides monitoring the health and well being of their team, this allows project managers the ability to know where their team members are at all times. Due to the dangerous nature of construction, this is particularly helpful. These sensors are able to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide which could save team workers lives.

Infrared cameras can be used with this technology to keep track of employees and how fatigued they are, or what kind of condition they are in. This is used in the mining industry by attacking sensors to the machinery.

As one could imagine, workers are not keen on the idea of someone monitoring their every move, so it is up to the project manager to show the logic behind the sensors, and the health and safety benefits that they bring.

The construction industry is enjoying advanced technologies not only in the office but at the job site as well. Keeping projects moving and profitable has always been a priority, and now construction companies can take care of their employees and equipment with ease. Projects keep the construction company going, and the workers keep the projects moving. Now it can all be seamlessly done with quality construction software for the whole company.

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