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Customized Construction ERP Possibilities with Viewpoint Spectrum® SaaS

Dexter + Chaney, OnPoint’s business partner, is a forerunner for establishing greatness in software for construction solutions. It is Dexter + Chaney that first brought working in the cloud to the construction software industry. It has brought untold capabilities to the construction workforce from the CEO to the field employee. By being cloud-based, Spectrum Construction Software is available on any smartphone or tablet to take your work with you no matter where that might be.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) option that OnPoint and Dexter + Chaney are offering has increased the capabilities of Spectrum to a point that has never been seen in the construction industry.

Spectrum allows companies to save time and money. No longer to you have to put money out for servers, databases and offsite backup. All of those are performed in the cloud and can be reached at any given moment. SaaS is a wonderful tool to “pay as you go” for only the services that your company needs, when they are needed.

Without having to spend arduous hours with software maintenance and issues, you can spend the time and money on improving your company.

Another fabulous feature of Spectum Saas, is role-based licensing. Each team member of your company has different functions within the company. Why spend time on areas that an employee doesn’t need to know anything about. Each employee will have access to whatever projects or jobs is pertinent to them. The ability to customize access saves the team members time and therefore the company money.

Cloud-based computing advantages include, all operating functions, databases, storage and security systems. Your company will no longer spend endless hours performing back-ups or updates as they are all handled automatically.

Training on Spectrum is simple and is tailored to each individual in the company so no time is wasted by your team learning aspects of the software that they have no need for.

Because Spectrum is performed in the cloud, questions about security often come up. Spectrum SaaS keeps all of your confidential information, which is backed up automatically in several different locations. It is completely safe for you to access all of your information anytime, anyplace from virtually any device.

Spectrum has layers of security including amazing firewalls, unique passwords, and completely encrypted data.

In order to always make sure you have the very newest information to work with, Spectrum is monitored closely and updated frequently to that you are always performing at your best with the most capabilities possible.

Service updates will occur automatically, saving your company time, and will maintain your quality work. Adjusting your teams projects in Spectrum SaaS is as simple as a few click on the computer. The same applies for new-hires, leaving your HR department available to work on the things that need to get done.

The support for Spectrum Saas is the best in the industry and is all included with your subscription. When you call for assistance you speak to an actual person by a call distribution center that has proudly attained blue-ribbon status. You have support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency issues, and the option to add 24/7 support for issues that are not as critical. Spectrum Saas clients also always have access to ongoing training, chats, FAQ, and much more.

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