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Construction Tech Trends in Automated Business Intelligence

John Chaney, co-founder and CEO of Dexter + Chaney is quoted as saying, “The explosion in the sources of field data will have repercussions on the project management software platforms developed.” Business Intelligence (BI), the tech powered part of analyzing data collected and presenting it intelligibly will be a huge focus with the construction industry’s recent growth rate. Construction tech trends are changing the way construction companies do business.

More construction companies are adopting software programs that have all the work performed in the cloud. This allows for mobile technology to be used by their entire team. The construction industry has seen the benefit of real-time data entry on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and they are riding the wave. Unlimited information can be put into these mobile devices using individual dashboards with the new software available, and the information is then integrated with the host application. There is a need for updated apps to control this massive amount of data streaming from the field to the office. Improved security measures have made this type of work accessible.

Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum workflow uses the most intelligent workflow technology, allowing work to go to, and be seen by, the individuals that need to see the information at the right times. The construction project management software uses automated workflows to keep the projects moving smoothly and finishing on time. It allows project managers to view a projects status at any given moment, therefore giving the ability to correct any problems along the way, instead of trying to play catch up in the end.

Spectrum Product Manager, Geoff Falk said, “The intelligent workflow designs that power our Spectrum Workflow functionality can help streamline processes and ensure you are not missing any important tasks or steps. Workflows also help document and enforce segregation of duties throughout the organization, while still providing enough flexibility to handle the exceptions to every rule.”

Spectrum Workflow is truly a one-size fits all type of software solution. The software can be customized to fit any and all company’s needs. Each company experiences situations unique to them, the Spectrum Workflow can handle it all. Even after it is set up for an individual company, authorized users within that company can change tasks or approvals when the specific job calls for that.

Chaney remarked, “Our clients have asked us for specific tools to help them enforce and automate processes in their companies. While we have built many of these into Spectrum over the years, the development of dedicated, definable workflows with Spectrum Workflow brings all of these tasks together in a uniform, manageable system that will help further automate users’ daily processes and procedures.”

Construction tech trends in automated business intelligence is amazing because your company will be working in real-time. Your software will have the ability to reduce the amount of money lost on rework, problems arising during the job, scheduling delays, and overspending. Your team can stay on top of every project literally as it is happening. In the construction industry delays can be caused by one small miscommunication, wrong workers sent to the wrong job, equipment unavailable, etc. Workflow automation takes care of all those problems with ease.

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