The Collaboration Question

Simply put, collaboration is working together for a common goal.
Company outcomes—accuracy, innovation, profi tability—are inevitably
improved when members of the team pool their skills, experiences,
and ideas.
In some industries, collaborative workplaces are simple to create.
Eliminate walls, install conference tables and empower employees to
interact throughout the day. Encourage conversation and collaboration
naturally follows.
Actually enabling collaboration on a practical level is in some cases
more diffi cult, especially in an industry like construction where the
very nature of the workplace interferes with communication. With
some employees in the offi ce, some in the fi eld, some in the jobsite
trailer, and some in transit, it is just more diffi cult to keep the team in
contact. And, by defi nition, contact is the fi rst step toward successful
The next step is setting clear goals and objectives. People must
know what they are trying to accomplish.

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