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Learn more about how easy Spectrum is to learn and use, in this series of short videos about this exciting construction ERP system.

Video #1

2019-01-30 Easy to Use Spectrum Construction 1

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Hi! This is Mike on OnPoint. Thanks for joining us. In the next few videos, we’re going to show you what Spectrum from Viewpoint is all about.

Why we chose is an option for next-generation technology to help our construction clients grow. Simply put, the software is easy to get to. It’s also easy to use, and there’s a tremendous lower cost of ownership.

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Video #2

2019-01-30 Easy to Use Spectrum Construction 2

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Hey! This is Mike from OnPoint. Thanks for joining. In this video, we’re going to show you how easy Spectrum is to get to.

In this window, I’ve got Chrome up. You can see I’ve got the URL, and then in my sign-in- box, I’ve got my log-in ID and my password.

I click log in, I get rid of my password keeper, and I’m quickly presented with the Spectrum dashboard.

This dashboard is specific to your log-in, with things you’re interested in. For instance, we’ve got a list of jobs where you can quickly get to the job and any information you need.

We can also see in this case, I’ve got an app up to show me jobs where I had not sent the owner a billing draw or a bill in the last 25 days. How powerful is that?

Join us in the next video where we take this to the next level, showing you how easy it is to get from this window to your day-to-day tasks.

Thanks for joining. We appreciate your time!

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Video #3

2019-01-30 Easy to Use Spectrum Construction 3

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We’re going to quickly jump into using the software here with the app for billing. We see we got a number of jobs that hasn’t been billed in nearly a month.

We’re going to click on the third one and jump right into billing our customer that drew the request, verifying dates, and then quickly jumping down to the amount to bill this period.

As I enter and I scroll across, my percent’s changed. I can see my percent completely go down to the next line, put in that amount to bill. I do the same thing, scrolling across, verifying percent and moving on to the third line.

I’ll finish that up, click on the upper right for my totals, hit save and then click form so that I can generate this invoice to send to my customer. See, I got proprietary of formats there. I’m going to click preview.

I’ve got page 1 of our standard billing form with on the lower right the amount currently doing the balance to finish.

I got to scroll to the second page, which has got my billing items or my schedule of value line items with the schedule value previously billed for this period, etc., etc.

I can email that out or print it, forward it.

Now we’re going to hop out of that screen, go back to our dashboard, and I’m going to focus on paying our vendors now.

I go to my unapproved invoices. These are invoices waiting in my approval queue.

I saw that there was one per job, and I’m going to quickly get to that grid.

You can see I got a list of invoices with more detail, and I’m looking at the vendors and the names. However, I want to see the invoice descriptions, so I’m going to easily drag him over, and I can see what these are for. I click on one that’s most relevant. This is for a job. It is highlighted.

You can see down on the lower grid, I’ve got the distribution now, checking the phase code. Happy with that. I went to see where I can the invoice, but for now, I will just click approve and he will move on down our accounts payable line to be paid to the vendor.

There you have it. How quickly it is to get from your dashboard into the processes that you’ve got to do so you can get in and out of the software and back to running your jobs.

Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your time. Bye-bye!

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Video #4

2019-01-30 Easy to Use Spectrum Construction 4

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It is Mike from OnPoint. Thanks for joining us around our series of Spectrum software and this section around it being easy to use.

We landed the dashboard. We’ve been focusing on the apps.

My question is where am I at on my job? Spectrum make that very easy.

You can see we clicked on my job. It takes us to what we call the job analysis with the info bar on the left here. I can see the breakdown of different costs, documents, change orders, other transactions, with complete reporting on that job.

I then come to my contract control section where I can see my contract, my gross profit that I expect to what I’ve earned today. On the upper right hand, cash flow; on the lower right, we’re looking at what we billed our customer and collected in the last time we billed.

Then in the lower left, we come into our change, our contract control, the original contract. Pending changes approved and executed changes. Full suite of information.

In the middle then, we start drawing into detail. What are my costs and my hours in terms of budget projected and actual including percent, and then I can drill into detail by hitting the hyperlink and getting down into my phase or cost code detail.

You can see I want to drag my estimate column over to the left, so I’ve got visibility on that right next to my actual cost, and then I’ve got my list of phase codes and cost types or resources to complete my job with estimate and actual.

However, I want to see a quick overview by phase. There’s one. This job isn’t post award. I can quickly get down to the resources I’ve spent to date for the one phase code that’s been spent.

Thank you for joining us!

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