Spectrum Accounting Services

Accounting Services

We offer temporary and managed care accounting services for companies that need assistance with accounting and controller positions.

Are you in a state of transition? Do you need a controller to assist with your accounting department but are not in a position to hire someone familiar with Spectrum?

Call us to benefit from our experience not only as Spectrum consultants, but also as CPA partner and controller in various construction companies! We use the software!

Accounting Services include:

  • Controller
  • Accounting Manager
  • Month-end work that may be effecting timely and accurate reporting
  • Monthly Reconciliation so that you can close your books and generate reports faster
  • Reconciliation Monitoring to minimize surprises during month-end work

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how our Accounting Services can make sense for your company.

Call us toll-free: (877) 213-3860
E-mail us at: info@onpoint-software.com.

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