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Spectrum User Videos

Baldwin Paving Chooses Spectrum

Baldwin Paving chooses Spectrum for a number of reasons, besides being user friendly, Baldwin Paving knows they have support from Dexter + Chaney if they need it.
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Pieper-Houston Electric Runs on Spectrum

Pieper-Houson Electric has experienced enormous growth and Spectrum construction management software grows with them and enhances their daily work by giving them accurate information at any given time.
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Hunter Contracting Uses Spectrum

Hunter contracting uses Spectrum because it gives them easy access to do accurate and timely bids, snapshots into all projects, full lifecycle of said projects and quick streamlined analysis.
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EBCO and Spectrum Construction Software

EBCO's decision to use Spectrum Construction Software was not only because they outgrew their old software, but because they would be able to share real-time data with their customers, saving time and money, while reducing human error.
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Yale Mechanical and Spectrum Construction Software

Yale Mechanical shares how Spectrum Construction Software allows them to have better control over all projects, save time and increase profits.
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Granger Contracting and Spectrum

Granger Contracting adopted Spectrum because it' is flexible and allows viewing from beginning to end, with everything being integrated.
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Unity Electric and Spectrum

Saving time, money and ease of use, is at the top Unity Electric Contractors and Engineers list of reasons why Spectrum is right for them.
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Interstates Companies and Spectrum

Interstates Companies talks about how Spectrum software has streamlined their business. They always “pursue being better” by not wasting anything, including time.
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