Dexter + Chaney To Show Expanded Spectrum Capabilities at 2016 World of Concrete Trade Show

Dexter + Chaney, innovative leader in construction ERP software, announced that it would be showing quite a few of new enhancements to its Spectrum® Construction Software at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas January, 2016.

An open API environment that allows virtually any other software package the ability to easily integrate with Spectrum are among the new features. The powerful Spectrum Talent Management solution includes employee recruiting, onboarding, training, human resources collaboration and succession planning, as well as deeper levels of business intelligence, data analysis and reporting. Of special interest to World of Concrete attendees, the new Spectrum Ticketing solution.

Spectrum Ticketing provides a scale house solution for bulk material weight ticketing, integrated web and mobility completely integrated with Spectrum’s accounting functionality. The system provides centrally-managed control and real-time views into companies scale and material production data using a standard internet connection.

Spectrum Ticketing is comprised of four components: a web portal that provides centralized management, scale-house PC client, unattended kiosk which provides driver-enabled self-service ticketing with centralized management and the updates and a mobile ticketing application that offers smartphone-based ticketing using a rugged mobile printer.

“We developed Spectrum Ticketing to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and provide a materials management solution that streamlines and simplifies processes,” said Dexter + Chaney Vice President of Strategy, Scott Rosenbloom. “The ability to see, in real time, your materials costs and usage, with the ability to drill down into individual trucks, orders or customers to view load tickets, will give users a competitive edge.”

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