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Over the past 30+ years, the team at OnPoint has achieved a level of expertise and respect that is second to none, by providing of intuitive, innovative software solutions transform the way our construction clients do business.

We believe in long-term relationships, and so have purposely built enduring partnerships with construction industry experts and software developers, allowing us to bring you the newest technologies, customized specifically for you.

OnPoint is Pleased to Offer the Following Services

Spectrum Implementations:

Implementations designed to maximize your investment in Spectrum software. When adopting any new technology, it is crucial that everyone in the company believes in it’s ability to address their unique business needs, improve productivity, and increase profits.

With a combined experience of over 1,000 successful implementations, the OnPoint team uses a flexible, yet well-defined methodology that allows your team to be up-and-running on this construction software quickly, and with little impact on your current processes.

User Training:

From the training of a new employee to the enhancement of skills of existing employees, the team at OnPoint is ready to help your team, at any level. Our training takes place in a variety of ways, including:

  • On-Site Training
  • Phone Training
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Live Webcasts
  • On-Demand Help Videos

Software Customization

Your business is unique, and so sometimes needs unique solutions. OnPoint can custom tailor a solution designed to meet your specific needs while retaining the standard functionality of your software. These solutions can range from something as simple as a custom report, to as complex as an entirely specialized module. OnPoint’s bespoke solutions include:

  • Reporting requirements for local governments and industries
  • Crystal Report development
  • Import/export utilities
  • Payroll calculations

Business Intelligence (BI)

Using BI reports with any of our core accounting solutions gives you simple design tools and built-in assistance to guide you through common report-building tasks, including connecting to your data source, selecting fields and records, grouping, sorting and formatting.

Comprehensive and professional-looking reports are easy with BI. Customization features allow users to easily choose colors and fonts, and add images, company logos and other elements, while templates, for both formatting and data access operations, helps create consistency and ease-of-use across a variety of reports.

Data Conversion

To expedite your implementation, your local consultant will will work with your team to build a conversion plan to meet your goals.

Business Process Consulting

Looking for ways to improve your productivity, bid process or procurement? Our consultants can provide you with an assessment and recommendations to optimize your business procedures.

Procedures Guide Development

Documenting critical business tasks is essential for establishing consistent, accurate workflow practices. Your local consultant can help you develop and maintain procedures for your company reference.

Wellness Checks

Periodic checks on your system files, backups and archives is critical to maintaining a dependable, well running network. Many clients request this service when upgrading or at year-end to guarantee data integrity and optimal running efficiencies on their network.

Estimating Services

Estimating services include needs assessment and procedural documents, database setup including modification of productivity factors and formula building and onsite training.

System Reviews

Onpoint Consulting provides system reviews to companies that are looking to improve existing ERP performance as well as make cautious, informed decisions when considering changing existing ERP solutions. We start with a review of the existing “as is” state of the current ERP software and measure that against desired key business impact requirements to determine if moving to a new system is the next best step.