About OnPoint

Founded in 1989, OnPoint Software Consulting, Inc., began as a CPA firm headed by Mike Pieczynski, who brings over 25 years’ experience working with construction, real estate, service companies, and corporate owner/developers. For nearly 20 years 100% of OnPoint’s focus has been on helping construction companies maximize profits with processes and effective use of construction accounting software.

After an 18-year relationship as a key contractor to Sage Timberline Professional Services Group, Mike and his team felt there needed to be more focus on helping construction and service companies manage profits and grow with their construction software. Today, OnPoint continues to assist existing Timberline users get more from their current software, and is also an authorized reseller of Viewpoint’s Spectrum and Vista products, delivering solutions to the construction and service industries using the latest emerging technologies.


Cloud and/or browser based software, apps, employee and contractor kiosks, on-line plan rooms… there is some exciting stuff out there and available to clients, now!

Solutions and client satisfaction are the core of our long term success. Traditionally the majority of new projects have been referrals from satisfied clients, other consulting groups, Viewpoint and Sage 300 “Timberline” (corporate). OnPoint’s team brings proven results, both with Viewpoint’s Spectrum products and with high end Sage Timberline Consulting including: training, process improvement, support, SQL expertise, report and Crystal expertise, and data fixes.

Many of our long-standing clients came to us when they were told “your software doesn’t do that”.

Our Vision

Our core vision is in helping companies maximize profits by the effective use of the right technologies, resulting in  their ability to increase revenues, improve margins, reduce risk, and eliminate redundant processes.

We are committed to our clients to achieve this vision by helping companies get more from their existing investment in Sage 300 (Formerly Timberline Office) and also as an authorized re-seller of Viewpoint’s Spectrum product.

How We Work

We are a customer-focused organization. Our strategy is to understand your business, and then utilize current technologies so that you achieve your goals. Simply put, we want to help you be successful. You and your business are important to us, and, indeed, are the reason we are here.

Contact Us Today

We are more than happy to discuss your needs and how we can help. Call us at (877) 213-3860 or send us an email at info@onpoint-software.com.